Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Be careful what you wish for.

Auugh-- I found this and I don't know what to think--
I'm scared man, scared.

Be careful what you wish for.

Perhaps taking this dare wasn’t the best idea, Lyra figured.
It didn’t seem too horrible when it was presented. Even so, it seemed too cliché to seem frightening. Now that she had thought about it, Ethan had almost forgotten the fact how creepy the ruins were.
Oh, what was she even thinking? They were ruins – of course they were going to be scary! There was absolutely no sign of life. The only audible sound was her footsteps reverberating off the cold ground.
Overgrown weeds snaked between cracks in the wall, waiting for some poor human to stumble over them. It was horridly dark inside the ruins, and she was glad she had remembered her flashlight.
Lyra sighed, frowning. Ethan was the one to pull dares, yes, but it was a bit odd of him to make her go through something like this. He knew how timid she was, anyway. How rude of him.
The flashlight shone upon the walls, primordial language of the world engraved into them. They were called Unown, weren’t they? Quite the odd Pokemon, they were, having one each for every letter of the alphabet. Old legends were very interesting to her, but she preferred to read them out of a textbook.
Well, Lyra’s time was almost up, at least. She was nearly done with this silly dare. As she went to explore another section, her shin slammed into the wall. Her vocabulary a bit colorful, the flashlight clattered against the ground, batteries rolling into the dark corners.
Oh god, now what was she going to do? She couldn’t see! Lyra fumbled for her Pokegear. Sure, the light source was hardly adequate, but it’d be better than stumbling around in the dark. It was still on the radio card as she turned it on.
Instead of the normal music, strange, garbled static floated from the speakers. That… that wasn’t right. In a panic, she flipped through every station, receiving the same noise as before. The radio worked in caves, didn’t it? Why wouldn’t it work in here?
Calling Ethan rude names wasn’t like her, but Lyra could care less at the moment. Having a panic attack was something she really didn’t need at the moment. Her shin was still stinging in pain, hampering her movements.
Where was the entrance? Whines were echoing throughout the ruins; she wasn’t even sure where she came in! What was going to happen next – would some creepy old spirit pop out of the wall? Would she slip and land in blood?
She sat to rest, feeling scared and alone. No way to even tell where she was supposed to go, nonetheless find the exit. Ethan was going to pay for this.
“Why can’t something bad happen to him?” She hissed. “This place is horrible…” She should have said no. What right-minded person went to ruins on Halloween? It was an awfully stupid idea..
While every bad thought at Ethan went through her mind, the Unown stirred, floating off their places from the wall. Distraught, she didn’t even bother to notice anything.
A wish, a wish, someone needed their assistance! Many horrible things could be wished upon a human being, yes. But what could make it more fun?
The Unown squeaked excitedly, glowing with energy. After they helped the poor girl escape, their fun would begin…

The next day, Ethan awoke. He had to apologize to Lyra; she was so shaken and upset from that dare last night.
“Hey, mom? I’m going to see Lyra!” He called. His mother didn’t acknowledge him – as a matter of fact, it was as though she didn’t even hear him.
“Mom?” Ethan raised an eyebrow, going to raise his hand. He sputtered, unable to form any proper words. His hand was see-through! Ethan rushed back upstairs, noticing another odd thing: the pictures of him were gone. They were just empty spaces on the wall.
Creepily enough, his room wasn’t the same – it was only a guest room, with a standard four-poster bed in the corner. He checked to see if he still had his Pokegear. Nope. No bag, pokeballs, or anything else. His team was gone.
He wasn’t dead, right?! If he had passed away somehow, wouldn’t there be flowers everywhere, pictures in his honor?
No one in the town mentioned him. No seemed to know he had vanished. At Elm’s lab, Cyndaquil’s pokeball was still in place, untouched. An extra Pokedex was sitting on the table adjacent to it.
The fact hit him like a ton of bricks: his existence in this world was no more. He held no kinship with Lyra – she wasn’t his neighbor, or his childhood friend. No longer was he a part of Johto – and the rest of the world.
Could this even be reversed? How did this even happen? Ethan slumped against the wall of his “house”, forever wiped out of existence.
Back at the Ruins of Alph, the Unown shrieked with joy. Another wish of a human being was fulfilled.