Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm a night owl.

Alright guys, my sleep schedule is all screwed up.
So, I'm finallllly going to bed right now. 
Ever since school ended for me and moved away from home,
I've really had nothing better to do.
So my life right now consists of sitting in the house, or occasionally going outside.
But. . . .unfortunately. . . it's getting much too cold for me to go outside as of now
I'm a pussy. I hate the cold. I hate winter.

>mfw winter hits
I can't really do much for a job right now-- because. . .
I basically live in the middle of nowhere, without a car,
and the next closest town is about an hour away. . . by car. . .
My math is terrible so I have no clue how long that would be by foot. . .

This is a song I really like.
I've found It helps me sleep.
The lyrics are really beautiful.
But then again, I'm just weird.
Welp, I'm off to sleep then~
See yah' guys later~


  1. I'm a night owl, too.

    It's almost winter here as well. First I was glad that summer finally was over, then I remembered that I hate the cold too.

  2. I feel your pain. I've been a NEET since the beginning of summer. Shit sucks.

  3. >My math is terrible so I have no clue how long that would be by foot. . .
    I lol'd
    Then i felt bad for loling ;__;

    Yeah i hate cold too, my hands are constantly freezing in this period.

  4. I hate winter, too. We live in an old house so the heating is kind of sporadic. My feet have been uncomfortably cold for two weeks straight now. :(

  5. I hate cold weather too. Sleep well.

  6. Hey at least you get to snuggle up in many warm blankets! But alas I know how you feel anon. Winters creeping up here too, but its Arizona and most of us are cheering lol. I wish you well anon.

  7. There are jobs you can do online in the mean time. And I understand the car business is, currently dont have a car myself

  8. I've slowly become a nightowl, even though i never wanted to :/ I get a bit of sleep anxiety sometimes. I don't like the thought of sleeping alone, so I delay going to bed as much as I can...I can't until the day I can wake up next to someone I love :]

  9. Winter is awesome. I'll gladly take it over sweating in my apartment during the summer :/

  10. Winter is AWESOME! It's so nice and warm out!

    Oh wait, I live in So Cal.

    ... I sorry. :( Come live with me!

  11. what is this... I don't even... ;D Hehehhehehe see how I used your blog name as a pun? ;D Sweet blog bro!

  12. I don't like winter :(

    I like fall and summer best. Fall is also the shortest season :(

    It's already almost November! Scarrry!

  13. winter is awesome. being frozen alive isn't as bad as being cooked alive :p

    and get your schedule back to normal, you're messing up your health :S